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Monday, April 07, 2003

24 Hour Fitness/Group Xpedition

I obtained a 10-day free pass to check out their Group Xpedition classes. I've done Rep Reebok, which is like Body Pump but with shorter sets and more rests (it seemed). I did all of the moves on a core board which was an interesting twist. Today, I tried a hip hop class for the first time. The class has a high fun factor, but ranks low to mediocre on the workout scale because there are so many gaps in between to learn moves. It took the whole class just to learn a simple routine. I've seen better dance workouts, e.g., the one at the Presidio Y on Saturday mornings at 10:30AM. John (the instructor) choreographs moves to songs, and they're simple enough so that you can follow even if you're new, so you keep moving throughout the class. After hip hop, I took Power Yoga. It was awesome! It's surprisingly similar to Hatha yoga (which I've done before), but a lot faster. They also have some pretty crazy poses which I couldn't do, but maybe over time!

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